What are Honeypots ?!!

Today I would like to speak to you all about honeypots. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a detailed analysis of what honeypots are, what are some of their characteristics, and what are the different types of honeypots, the pros and cons of honeypots, the actual mechanics of how honeypots work, and who uses them. The methods of how can they prevent attacks, and of course their value as a technology form common users use to corporate value.

The word .honeypot. originated from an espionage technique used during the Cold War, with it origins based on sexual entrapment. The term “honeypot” was used to describe the use of female agent sexual entrapment of a male official of the other side for the purpose to gain information. For example, handling over top secret information for his eyes only type stuff, not knowing her true intension as informative spy to hand over our troop movements by: land, air, sea; supply line, to the future plans deployment of invasion or evacuation of troops. Not know the agents true intension, that movie Hostel. So now is the computer term of what is a honeypot. A honeypot is a decoy resource that pretends to be a real target setting up a trap expecting to be attacked or compromised. The main goals are as a distraction of an attacker and the gain of information about the attacker, his methods of attack, and his tools. Pretty much a honeypot attracts attacks to them because of their act of being a weakened system and as an entrance to their target, .it like the fire leading a moth to the flame..

I feel honeypot are an effective countermeasure in the attempts at preventing unauthorized use of critical information systems on the network. Here the basis characteristic to honeypots one they are highly flexible systems, two their able to detect attackers movements and behaviors, and three the capture of the latest spreads of on-line vulnerabilities to the networks for administration team analyze and fix for a stronger network. Where are Honeypots being used for and by whom? Honeypots are being used at Government building, big businesses, other Non-Profit Organizations, and Schools like here at ECU. As you will read and be explained the Government, big businesses, and other Non-Profit Organization will use the honeypot technology for production purposes as support from attacks attempt to invade secure system and bring them down. Instead the attacker will attack the decoy honeypot and serve it purpose. As for the Schools they would use the honeypot technology for research purposes for study to teach future security major the weakness of different attacks gained for the honeypots and as a method of developing new tools for future defense to add to network.

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