Complete Guide to Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is a piece of software installed on the operating system and it makes it very difficult to exploit a vulnerability on a system or software. It provides the capability of preventing different exploitation techniques on the operating system or software level when security patch for the faulty software is not released. The benefits of using EMET are as follows:

  • It is very easy to use and does not include any complicated processes.
  • In order to prevent an operating system or software from exploitation, there is no need for the source code of the software and all it takes is to install and configure EMET before or after the faulty software is installed.
  • EMET can be configured for all the operating system components, processes and drivers and also individual applications and softwares installed on the operating system.
  • It can also work with legacy software and applications that exist in an organization’s infrastructure and cannot be easily phased out.

Protection Levels

There are two types of settings on EMET which can be configured to provide mitigation:

  • System Settings: These settings will apply to the whole operating system and its components and drivers.
  • Application Settings: These settings will apply to specific applications installed on the operating system.

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The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

In the previous posts of my blog we talked a little bit about security exploits and how they function and how to prevent from attacks using security exploits. In this post I am so excited to introduce a great toolkit offered by Microsoft to defense against the exploitation of the system.

The tool is called Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) which uses exploitation mitigation techniques making it very difficult for exploits to defeat the system. However the protection applied by EMET does not guarantee that the system will not be exploited but it just makes it as difficult as possible to exploit the system even using a 0-Day vulnerability exploits. 

Working with EMET is pretty simple and you just need to download it from here  and then install it on your machine and simply choose the software that you want it to protect and you believe is more probable to have a security vulnerability and then you are all done. It is possible through the GUI interface of the tool.

EMET is compatible with any software and it does not really matter whether the software you want to protect is a Microsoft software or not. Below is a screenshot of the GUI interface of the toolkit:

You should for sure try this tool as it’s a must for every security engineer worrying about the security of their environment with all those softwares installed on their servers which each could have possible security vulnerabilities putting the whole network and system at risk.

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