Microsoft MCT Summit 2012… A great event not to miss…

Hi everyone…

Every year at about this time I come with this news about a great event. You might guess what I am talking about… Yes, that is Microsoft MCT Summit 2012 held in Warsaw, Poland this year…

There is a difference in this year though.. At least for me… This year I will be one of the speakers speaking on Security topics, just like any other events… I am not sure about the details yet and sorry for not giving you detailed information but if you want to know more about the event, you can visit their website.

Hope you can get there for this great conference.


Techinsights 2011 SEA – Hey you… Stay away from my network…

Hi everyone,

This is right after my second session on the second day of Techinsights 2011 South East Asia here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The title of this session was Hey You.. Stay away from my network…

I uploaded the slides for you to download:


Techinsights 2011 SEA – Security from the Ground up to the Cloud

Hello folks,

A few hours ago I finished my presentation in Techinsights 2011 South East Asia and here I left the slides for you. I hope you will enjoy it

Tech Insights 2011 SEA

Tech Insights is a 3-year old conference happening on 16th and 17th of November which focuses on the most recent technologies (mostly on Microsoft actually) in the market. Like the previous year, I am speaking at this conference this year and I will be presenting two topics which are as below:

Security from the ground up to the cloud which is going to be about security in cloud computing and generally those security implications that people would like to know about when moving to the cloud. a lot of things related to cloud computing and its security will be talked about in this session of mine.

Hey you… Stay away from my network is going to be my next session on the second day of Tech Insights SEA 2011… I once had a similar session to this at ELITE annual event but this one is supposed to be more technical and I’m going to show people real live demos of tips and tricks hackers use to get into your network and then I will show you how to stay firm against them.

I hope I will see you at Tech Insights this year. If you are attending the event, do come to me and say Hi and I would be more than happy to have a cup of tea (not coffee seriously) with you. Right now we are less than a week away from the event but the registration is still in progress. This year’s conference will be held at Monash university in Sunway city in Malaysia. During the two days of the event, you will be able to meet and talk to the speakers and professionals speaking at Tech Insights and I promise it will be a great experience.

If you need more information about Tech Insights 2011 SEA please visit their website at this link.

Wish you a great weekend

Private Cloud Security via Forefront TMG 2010

Good evening everyone… I need to thank those of you who attended my session in Microsoft TechDays 2011 event called Security Blackbelt Day at Microsoft auditorium. I hope you enjoyed it and it was useful. I shared the slides so that you could use them:

Private Cloud Security via Forefront TMG 2010 [slideshare id=10008891&w=425&h=355&sc=no]


Security Blackbelt Day 2011

I’d like to announce that I’ll be speaking in Security Blackbelt Day 2011 held in Microsoft auditorium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event which is to be held in two tracks for both developers and IT pros, is revolving all around security topics and technologies.

In my session which is called “Private Cloud Security via Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010” I’ll be talking about securing the private cloud infrastructure using Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010. In this session I will be mostly talking about different scenarios and how to place TMG in the network to better and more efficiently protect the private cloud. A lot of other topics like how to secure the connection between the public and private clouds will also be covered.

This is the Facebook link to the event. On this page you can also get more information about the topics and the speakers in this event.

Hope to see you there…


ELITE Annual Event 2011

Today I want to invite you all living in Kuala Lumpur to the annual event of ELITE (Extraordinary League of IT Experts) which is held on July 30th in Microsoft Auditorium in Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC.  ELITE is the official Microsoft IT Pro community which regularly organizes events in Malaysia discussing the newest Microsoft technologies and advancements.

In this even I will be talking about network security and defending against Security threats on the network. My session title is: Hey you… Get off my network…

I hope you guys will join us and enjoy the great talks by Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) and experts…

Here is the link to the event on Facebook.

MCT Summit 2011

Once again MCTs from around the world get together in Europe to hold the annual MCT Summit. Like every year, I thought maybe I should announce it here for everyone interested in a good tech event being held in Stockholm, Sweden this year.

So if you think you can make some time and of course have enough saving, then this will be a great choice for you and here you can get enough information about it.

Tech Insights 2010 – Kuala Lumpur

After a pretty long time, once again there is anoter big event coming up in KL. It’s called Tech Insights which was held for the first time last year in Penang island. This year’s conference is to be held in University of Malay. It comes in two tracks both for IT pro and also System Development. The speakers at the conference are MVPs and Microsoft certified experts involved with Microsoft technologies for quite a long time.
I am speaking on the first day (29th of June) about "Microsoft Domain and Server Isolation Model" which is a great security model, which by using IPSec, controls the communication between trusted and untrusted hosts on the network. This is ofcourse only a very short description of the title and the details are way more than this. I hope you can join us at the event which is to be from June 29th to July 1st.
Here is the link for more information.