Writting a book: My new adventure…

It’s been quite a long time I’ve been thinking of authoring a book as a new experience. In fact that’s been something I always wanted to do but was never able to make enough time for it. I think the situation is pretty much the same now when it comes to my time and schedule but finally I’ve made up my mind and I’d have to probably cut down the time I spend on my outdoor activities and put it more on this new adventure.

Well to be more specific about my book, recently I signed a contract with Microsoft and Arvato which is a third party company now taking care of Microsoft courseware library. Based on this contract I will write a complete course including a book and all the other course materials such as Powerpoint slides and etc. and Arvato works along with me through the authoring process. They are now hosting an online store for Microsoft selling all the different Microsoft Official Courses (MOC). Microsoft will also take care of all the marketing and promotion for the courses authors publish. To me it sounded like a great collaboration and I’d really want to go for it. That for sure is a great market since my book will be marketed all around the world and all the training centers located anywhere in the world will be able to purchase it.

Well, coming back to the main topic of this post which is the book, I want to author a complete course on Security in Windows Server 2012 from a complete technical point of view. I have not yet chosen a title for it but I am now working together with Microsoft on the modules and lessons to be included in the book. For the time being I cannot reveal any more secrets about it but hopefully in the very near future when I am on the track with writing, I will let you know more.

At the end I’d really love to know your thoughts on my book. What chapters and modules do you think I need to add to it? Do you have any specific topic in mind that you think has never been paid enough attention to in any other courses published so far by Microsoft? I’d be glad to know your feedback. You can also send me emails and share your thoughts with me.


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