How to Patch the Internet Explorer 9 Security Vulnerability…

After the big security issue on Java 6, a few days ago we heard of a very serious security vulnerability discovered in Windows Internet Explorer 9 and below. This security problem would allow remote code execution on an infected machine by an attacker. This will be possible when the user clicks on a link and is redirected to a website that has malicious code inside that will exploit the vulnerability on the user’s machine.

Here is a link that will give you more information about the nature of the vulnerability: CVE-2012-4969

Microsoft reacted on this pretty critical issue, even thought not super fast, it took them only a couple of days (If I am not mistaken) to release a patch for it. It deserves a mention that some hours after the discovery of the issue, they introduced a workaround for the problem that could keep the machine safe but was not the best solution anyways and I don’t think any organization went through the hassle of implementing it on a big number of machines.

Anyways, Microsoft came up with the patch today and here is the link for you to get more information about it:

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-063

It will be automatically downloaded to your machines if you have enabled automatic update in Windows but if not, you can go directly to this link and download it:

Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer

Of course this was the link to the patch for a Windows 7 32-Bit version but if you are using other versions of Windows, you can go to the first link and get the right version of the update.

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