A Botnet Under an Anti-virus Vendor Control?!! Microsoft Claims…

A long time ago when the only famous anti-virus vendors were Norton and McAfee and maybe a few others, there were not as many viruses in the cyber world as there are now. People felt much safer on the internet and that was why so many avoided using anti-virus software. People avoided using anti-virus also because their PCs were not capable of running it and they simply crashed especially when the PC was under a heavy load.

Now I remember a rumor which was spreading among people during that time. The rumor was talking about the possibility that an anti-virus software could infect computer systems with a virus. Honestly speaking, right now when I am writing this I don’t really remember what people thought the possible reasons would be for a software company to do such thing but sometimes rumors come out of nowhere, you know.

I was thinking of all these old stories today and also surfing on the net that something came to my attention. Microsoft claims the botnet Kingpin is somehow related to an anti-virus vendor. As it seems they have tracked down the botnet and they got to a Russian guy called Andrey N. Sabelnikov who worked previously in an anti-virus vendor company. The botnet he had designed was pretty advanced and did everything from sending spam to stealing financial information and so many other things that many botnets would usually do.

It seems like working for an anti-virus company has given him enough clues on how to infect a lot of computers and eventually create a botnet under his control. But the question is that could this guy be by any means still connected to his previous (Of course not really) company and could this be a mission being done for the company? But again there is another question which is why does such a company needs to have a botnet under control?

Could a company be behind stealing so much financial information? Is it really worth doing such a risky thing? If yes, had they predicted that their guy in charge could be caught? Would they do it solely for the direct illegal financial outcome or they did it for the indirect financial outcome coming from the sales of their anti-virus software?

These are things that made my mind really busy today and I was thinking with myself those rumors in the past are becoming reality now and it seems like having a botnet under control has become really worthwhile in terms of financial outcome. If this story is true which seems to be, how sure could we be about the safety of our systems and information?!!

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