Let’s assume the worst !!!

I was reading an interview with Andy Dancer, the CTO of EMEA, Trend Micro and I really liked the point he had mentioned in his words that I thought why not would I share them with you…

What he was talking about actually was that the old approach of having a perimeter network as the security frontier doesn’t work anymore and we need to think about securing every host rather than looking at security in an enterprise as a whole. Nowadays the staff of a company tend to use their devices everywhere and even at work which is one easy way of letting intruders come in. Hackers do not have to come through the firewall anymore when they have such easy ways of accessing the network. One thing Dancer had suggested was encryption on every possible device, whether a PC or a server or a tablet and smartphone. Encryption plays a very important role in making sure the data is secure when the device is detached from the network. Microsoft Bitlocker could be a really good choice since it provides offline encryption as well.

Let’s just assume the worst by asking ourselves what if for instance this smartphone were compromised, what would be the risks the whole enterprise is going to be at? Is it that serious? What kind of data is it storing and if that data were revealed, would the company sustain losses and if yes, then to what extent?

Never think of patches as the only way to secure an end device. Patches for Microsoft platforms and softwares are released every Tuesday but they need to be tested and then applied on the server and it naturally takes a long time; then does it mean we need to let the host be in danger? Host-based IPS systems  are the suggested solution for this type of risk.  At least you can make sure that a lot of these kinds of attacks can be mitigated. I already have another article on my blog about mitigating 0-day exploits using Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit and it can be accessed from here.



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