Creating A Security Baseline by using Security Templates

In this post I am going through the process of creating a security baseline in some easy steps. The tool we use to create a security baseline is Security Templates snap-in which is accessible through Microsoft Management Console. In this post we are not going through the policies actually and I am not going to show you which settings should be enabled or disabled or configured since it totally depends on your environment. What I am trying to show you is how you can create templates and how to apply them.

As the first step in the Run, type in mmc and then from the file menu click on Add/Remove Snap-in… to see the window in the following picture:

Then from the list choose Security Templates and then press OK to add it to the console:

If you double click on it and open the sub-folders, you will see all the security policies that you can enable, disable or configure. Let’s say in this example below, we define Audit Logon Events for both successful and failed logon attempts:

Once all the security policies are configured, you just need to right click on Server Baseline and click on Save as to save the baseline policies.

Now let’s say you want to apply these baseline policy settings to an OU, Domain, site or maybe even a local computer. So you just need to open Group Policy Editor through Group Policy Management Console in your domain or by just typing gpedit.msc on your local computer.

Once open go to Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings and right-click on Security Settings and choose Import Policy and then look for the baseline file and then open it.

Now if you check your Group Policy settings, you will see that all the settings in your baseline template have been applied to the Group Policy Object that you imported the policy on.

Since you have saved the template file, you can use it anytime you want as your security baseline file to import its settings to any GPOs in your domain environment or even on your local computer.

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