Security from the Inception !!!

The experience shows that consumers whether they are ordinary people using their computers for everyday tasks or even experienced network administrators never tend to be very open to security updates. Talking to so many network admins about security updates especially Service Packs (They do not necessarily include only security updates) of operating systems especially Windows Server, they mostly didn’t show much interest for installing some specific updates and service packs for some reasons:

  • They thought of some of the security updates as unnecessary
  • Some of them believed it is too risky to install some of the updates due to a fear of possible service crackdown. Some also believe some hotfixes and security patches are not compatible with some other services and could possibly create problems
  • They mostly considered service packs as unnecessary update packages with this reasoning that they have already installed those needed hotfixes and the rest included in the service packs are unnecessary
In my own experience I’ve always seen people hit by a pretty famous worm on the Internet like Sasser and even after that they were always looking for some virus removal tool to get them out of the trouble and not a security patch unaware of the fact that an anti-virus software can not stop a worm from functioning.
So you can see that security people at Microsoft are on a very difficult road to educate all those users and admins and kind of convince them that patching a system is the best thing to do for every user to stay safe on the Internet. But here it comes another concept called Security from the Inception which says instead of going through all these difficulties of educating the users which seem pretty impossible at times, a much better approach is to try to secure the code of the products by applying SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) from the beginning of the development of a product. That is how we can reduce the impact of security vulnerabilities missed during the software development process.
Right now Microsoft is on the right track in developing more secure code by only applying SDL as we can see less security vulnerabilities in its products.

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