Malicous Software Removal Tool… Is the Blaster still a blast?!!

I was surfing around on different security bulletins that I came across a word that caught my attention. Blaster. It was not one single word actually but three words, Blaster, Sasser and Mydoom… I was on Microsoft’s March Security bulletin where I saw these three words that used to be seen on every security and even non-security website in 2003 and 2004…

These three worms were written to harm computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems mostly and they truly did costing different countries around the globe millions of dollars… It just took not a very long time for Microsoft to release a patch for the bugs that these worms were targeting and even for the vulnerability targeted by the worm Sasser, Microsoft had given out a hotfix seventeen days earlier but not many people had downloaded and installed the patch to immune their systems; not until they were hit by the worm…

Anyways, the teenagers who had written the source codes of the Blaster and Sasser were caught by the police some months after and there wasn’t much noise about these worms anymore… Today when I saw the names of these worms in the security bulletin I was kind of shocked and I was even more shocked when I saw Microsoft has released a new tool called Malicious Software Removal Tool to scan the systems running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 to find a possible infection of any worms and malicious softwares including these three that I just mentioned above. After the detection it also helps the user remove them from the OS.

Microsoft releases an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of every month. There is also a version coming with Microsoft update on the Windows and it runs in the background and in case of any infection, it just lets you know, however if you want to run the tool more than once a month you can download and install it manually from this link.

This tool in not a replacement for any antivirus programs and you’d still better install Microsoft Security Essentials if you are seeking for better security on your computer.

With the release of this tool Microsoft seems to be trying to get much closer to an optimized security on its Windows operating systems.

I keep my fingers crossed for them

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